Internet sensations are made nearly every day. There are times when this is a great thing but then there are times when we wish we hadn’t seen what we did. Social media is becoming more prevalent and in 2011, some of these sites made impacts that changed the world. Wagering via social media is taking off greatly. People can sign petitions to either allow or disallow casinos in their area or online casino can advertise via specific outlet, in the countries where it is legal, to entice new players.

Yes, social media is the driving force for many events and advertising. Things occur that most would never have thought could occur and it is all because of social media. Casino sites such as Casino Wings are struggling daily to gain an interest in social media.

This form of advertising for a casino is a very effective one. The whole, “tell two people” concept of word of mouth advertising works rather well and almost effortlessly. Sure, the social media can spark up controversy but in the end it has proven to be a great form of advertising that many companies can take advantage of. Players and customers also get the benefit of learning which are the best places to gamble straight from the people who have already tried them out.

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The relationship between social media and gambling

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