Every football season office pools start in a variety of different ways. One of the newer football pools is the NFL Survivor Pool. Survivor Pool is easy to organize and play and can be a lot of fun. It isn’t hard to do and you can get one up and started using the instruction here and be the hero of the office during football season. You should ask your boss before you start so that you don’t get in trouble, some companies don’t allow any type of gambling.

First, you need to gather everyone that is going to play. You then want to make sure that everyone is allowed to see everyone else’s picks for the week so that they know before the games start and don’t think anyone changed their picks after the game started. You can usually allow them up to an hour before the game; however, if you are doing this from work and not on the Internet, you may want to let Friday afternoon be the cutoff time.

Players are eliminated from the game when their pick loses. Some variations of the survivor pool have players pick a team at the beginning of the season and that is the team they have for the whole season. When their team is beat, they are out. This one is riskier and some people don’t like this version. Another option is to allow people to buy their way back in to the pool with a larger entry fee. If you choose this option you do need to decide what the cutoff point is for buying back in so that you aren’t having players coming back in during the last week of the football season.

This is a very basic overview of the football pool of Survivor. If you choose to set this up for your office you should read up on the rules and possible set some of your own rules. You can have a fun time and possibly win some money at the same time.

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